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Clean Oven

The Process

We want all our customers to book with confidence so we have set out below what you can expect from the process we follow to achieving you a shiny clean oven by the end of our visit!

On arrival at your property....


Firstly we will heat up your oven and give it a comprehensive inspection to ensure that everything is in perfect working order and there are no issues which will prevent us from being able to clean your oven.

Strip Down

Next we will carefully remove the door of your oven as well as all removable parts within your oven including any racks, trays, side and back plates. All items which can be submerged in our dip tank back at our vehicle will be left to soak whilst we work on the internals of your oven

The Main Clean

Using only our eco friendly and biologically safe chemicals we will set to work cleaning the inside of your oven as well as splitting your door so that all glass panels are cleaned on both sides.

Finishing Touches

Once we are satisfied that your oven is as clean as it possibly can be we will rebuild your oven, give it a final wipe down (including cleaning the front of your oven) before heating it back up to ensure that everything is in full working order as before we began. We'll then call you back in to check you're happy with everything and then leave you to enjoy your shiny clean oven!

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